Plug & Play Proxy Container

Making end-to-end encryption convenient, safe and inexpensive



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  • MySQL beta
  • Cockroach DB alpha
  • Postgres alpha
  • Oracle TBD
Technical Details

Object Storage

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  • S3 TBD

File Storage

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  • Google Drive TBD
  • Dropbox TBD
  • OneDrive TBD

Plug and Play

No changes needed to your code or software, just switch the DB credentials in your client application and use the easy setup guide to walk you through choosing your encryption settings.

Column Level Encryption

Easily select only critical DB columns for encryption to maintain visibility for real-time DB monitoring and mining of unencrypted columns.

Bulk Update

Admin control for encrypting or decrypting all pre-existing entries within selected columns in minutes, without disrupting normal DB operations.

No DB Downtime

Conduct full deployment and all ongoing VESencrypt operations while DB remains fully operational — VESencrypt can operate with encrypted and unencrypted data in the same column simultaneously.

Flexible Deployment

Choose between deploying an end-to-end Docker container on your host or using a convenient zero-setup Hosted Proxy. Easily transition between the two at any time.

Realtime Access Control

Get instant alerts on new proxy connection attempts (device-level instant notifications are coming soon), approve or deny through a secure web console.


Hosted data-at-rest encryption is vulnerable

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VESencrypt solves the API vulnerability and more

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VESencrypt is backed by patented VES technology

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