Backed by patented VES
VES makes encryption mainstream usable with a patented solution that provides a way of recovering content if the encryption key is lost without diluting the security, privacy and user control of e2e encryption. And, VESvault provides more complementary innovations that makes VESencrypt safe, easy and convenient to use.

Users of VESencrypt will be able to leverage the VES technology to manage the encryption key they are using to encrypt their data-at-rest. VESvault provides numerous key redundancies and tools that making managing your encryption key easy and robust. There are simple ways to view and print your keys, copy your keys to other devices, and put key redundancies in the VES browser extension. If all this fails, the user can turn to the patented VESrecovery technology which provides a robust means of recovering encrypted content if the user loses all copies of the master encryption key (VESkey). And, since VES is used across other services, the user can rely on these other users of VES in their recovery netework. Visit for more information.

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